Home to Elite Hanoverian Stallion Grandom (Grannus) 
                        &   Holsteiner Stallion Callaway IV (Calando I) 


Stall Board & Limited Pasture Board Available

Daily Board for Breeding Mares $30/day

Daily Board for Breeding Mares with Foal $35/day

Foaling Out Services offered-Inquire for Price

Daily Board for Stallions $45+/day

Dr. Daniel Jou offers Stallion Collection, Embryo Transfer, Breeding of Mares via Fresh and Frozen Semen

-Large Indoor Arena 80' x 180' with Fibar Footing, Bright LED Lighting & 7 Large Sliding Windows for Climate Control-Ideal for Collection of Stallions during all Seasons & Young Horses in Training  

-Two Barns with 27+ Horse Stalls; Including Foaling Stalls & designated Stallion Stalls                                          

-Well Ventilated detached bank barn with Large Airy Box Stalls with rubber matting                                                  

-NEW in 2018 Well Ventilated Barn attached to Indoor Arena with Heated Floors throughout, Wide Concrete Aisle and Climate Controlled Stalls include:  Comfort Stall Mats & Individualized Water System for monitoring water intake, Hinged Window Grills for Easy Opening                                        -System Fence Stall Doors include-Yoke Openings on Doors for socialization, Full Grill Doors for Ventilation and added light. Stall Partitions offered in the barns include Privacy partitions, Solid Ash partitions, or full grill partitions depending on the needs of each horse                                                          -Mare Breeding Chute that is spacious for the mare and makes for SAFE & EASY breeding procedures with Dr. Daniel Jou including: Ultrasounding, AI with fresh or frozen semen, flushing, embryo transfers, caslicks, etc.        

-Mucking of Stalls 1-3x/daily, Bedded with Soft Wood Bagged Shavings or small Straw bales prior to foaling out of mares                

-Indoor Wash Stall with Hot and Cold Water, Crossties with quick release & Outdoor Wash Hose                         

-24/7 Monitoring of Property

**We offer Isolation/Quarantine Services for Horses to be Exported to Europe and can assist with any paperwork required                                                 -6 Grass Paddocks for Individual/Paired Turnout with safe non-climb fencing-Ideal for foals/youngsters with a electric strand on top                                   -7 Large Grass Pastures for Small Group Turnout-Large grass fields with Powered Water Tank Systems, electric strand on top                                         -2 Large Tack Areas with saddle racks, bridle hooks, and space for trunks              

-Fenced Grass Riding Ring for Summer riding, set of schooling jumps available            

-Quality Hay-Small Squares, Large Rounds and Large Squares fed 2-3x day        

-Individualized Grain/Supplement Feeding 2-3x/daily ie. Purina Optimal, Evolution Maternity, Trimax, Juvenile, Mixed Grain Developer 16% for Growth   -Outside Coaches welcome with approval                               

-Paths on 100 acres of farmland, great for hacking & trail riding                             

-Quiet, Adult atmosphere 

Inquire to [email protected] for a viewing appointment