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Our Black Angus Herd

*Picture of our 2016 Registered Black Angus Herdsire Bull 

Our Small Herd of Black Angus Cattle Consists of approx 15 cows and a herd sire. Bloodlines include Traveller 6K, Laurel Lea Frontier 15N, Cedarview Profit 1S & Super Edition 914, HawkeSpring-NEW IN 2014!!

We sell BA Beef for $4.00 lb by 1/4, 1/2 or whole animal.

Animals are raised on pasture and fed grain and hay that is homegrown on the farm. We do not use any sprays or hormones.

Black Angus Weanling Heifers-$500-$1000

Black Angus Weanling Bull Calves-$500-$1000

Inquire by email if you are interested in reserving beef or 2015 Calves: [email protected]

ABOVE: HawkeSpring in 2014, our new Registered Black Angus herdsire;

BELOW: Cedarview Profit 1S, past Registered BA herdsire